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Worlds Most Powerful Multi-Purpose Healing Yantra !

The Maha Yantra

This is just a representative pic. Actual Maha Yantra
is not Disclosed Here due to Prevent Spamming!

Features & Benefits of The Maha Yantra


  • Meant For Multi-Purpose Overall Healing for your whole Family

  • Can Be Placed At Office, Workplace, Shop or Business Establishment

  • Embedded With Precious & Rare 108 Healing Crystals, Gems & Talismans 

  • Charged, Energised & Activated With 12 x 9 & 108 Healing Energy Grid System

  • Contains All Types of Astral Pictography & Healing Numerals Incorporated within its Design

  • Can Be Placed Anywhere in Home or Office. Can be Framed and Wall-Hanged in Any Direction

  • A Natural Way To Heal Your Entire Family, Business, Office, Shop or Your Workplace

  • A One-Time Investment for Life-Time Healing

I T    I S    A    M A D E    T O    O R D E R    P R O D U C T


  • Activates Money House and increases Wealth

  • Increases Income, Profit & helps in Accumulation of Valuable Assets

  • Gives you Immovable Property and Assets

  • Boost up your Career, Profession and Business

  • Prevents Sudden Losses and Accidents

  • Gives an Extreme Level of Protection & Disease Healing

  • Activates Good Health for the Family Members or the residents of that dwelling

  • Gives Protection from Evil Eye & Evil Activities

  • Protects you and everybody around from Black Magic Attacks

  • Protects everybody from all types of Haunting Attacks and Activities around

  • Keeps people away who approach you with Wrong Intentions

  • Gives Protection from Enemies

  • Gives Strength to Fight and to Dominate your Enemy. Creates a win-win situation for you and your family members

  • Gives Name, Fame, recognition & Respect in the Society

  • Gives good social tie-ups and cordial relations with everybody around

  • Increases Self Confidence & Intellect

  • Good for Overall Growth of Children and Kids

  • Gives Protection from Chronic Diseases

  • Makes you a Good Future Planner and helps in Execution of the Plans

  • Activates Good Married Life and Love Life 

  • Strengthens Family Chords and Relationships Between Family Members

  • Provides New Opportunities and Enhances Creativity

  • Gives Strength and Stability to the Residents

  • Enhances Knowledge & Education

  • Cleans the Aura & Energy of the place

  • Good for Peace and Prosperity and Activates Overall Harmony.

The Maha Yantra
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