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Wish Stone

Fulfill Your Wishes with this Wish Stone. It can also be customized as per your wishes. Wish Stone is the Way to Fulfill Your Dreams.


This is a color changing stone, which manages your mood swings, and connects with your heart and mind to fulfill your wishes. This wish stone can fulfill all your desires of life. It can be programmed as per your individual wish and can work accordingly. Its a very very sensitive stone and can be energized, charged and activated as per your desires or as per individual needs.


Benefits & Uses of Wish Stone

  • Fulfills your Wishes and Desires

  • Very Calm & Soothing Stone

  • Does Not Have Any Side Effects

  • Have Color Changing Properties

  • Can Control Your Mood Swings

  • Can Sync with your Heart & Mind

  • Starts Working From Day One

  • Has Very High Success Rate

  • Higher Level Of Satisfaction

  • Can be used by All Age Groups

  • Activates Luck House & Money House

  • Can be Programmed as per Individual Requirements

  • Gives Best Results When Used Under Professional Supervision

  • Can Be Energized, Charged & Activated with Pran Pratishtha & Shuddhi as per single or multiple wishes.


Note: This is a color changing ccs stone, which can variate in its original color. It has many shades from purple, pink, blue and green and changes color in these variations only. Prices are same and do not variate as per its color changing properties. Results are also same, but color changing shades are different with every piece. In this wish stone, color changing properties has a major role. We choose and pick only those stones, which have very specific resha or inclusions which in sync with color change can result in max effect and gives results. All the stones chosen are specifically picked up keeping in mind its positive results. Any stone with color changing property cannot result in wish fulfillment and cannot be used for the same purpose. Only specific chemical compositions with precise inclusions can result in wish fulfillments.

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