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Pitra Dosh Nivaran Upaye by Tantraveda

Get Rid of Pitra Dosh (Pitron Ki Shaanti Ke Liye Upaye) by our pitra dosh nivaran package. There is no need to go to “GAYA” Bihar for any type of Pitra Dosha or Pitron Ki Shanti ke Upaye. This place has also been commercialized heavily and pandits have made it more of a business now. Thats why, we have started providing a complete package with a ONE TIME REMEDY for Pitra Dosha Nivaran. There is no need to go to GAYA every Year for its upaye and remedy. Investing more than $4000 to $6000 US Dollars visiting Gaya, wasting 8 hours a day in puja for 3 to 5 days and getting back nothing in return is extremely tiring and disappointing. There are No Knowledgeable Pandits & Purohits left there anymore. They are just fooling people for petty money. This has also shaken faith of Foreign Origin Tourists and NRI Indians visiting there.

So we have decided to provide this service to masses so that people can get rid of this Pitru Dosh from our Ancestors in real. Through our age old ancient ways, everybody can get rid of it in One Go, and that too Once and For All.

Pitra Dosh SHANTI

Just send us your problems through our Contact Us Form & we will Energize and Activate the Whole Pitra Dosh Nivaran Package according to that issue you are facing in life. You will get rid of that problem along with the Pitra Shaanti of your ancestors. 


Our Pitru Dosh Nivaran  PACKAGE for Ancestors  includes everything you need to get rid of this dosha. You do not need to do anything else.  Everything will be supplied within this package, ready to use, energized and well activated.

Pitru Dosh Nivaran Upaye

Symptoms & Benefits of Pitra Dosh Nivaran
(If you are facing any of these issues & hurdles listed below, then Pitron Ke Upaye & Pitrs Dosh Nivaran Remedy is for you)


#. If you are facing Sudden Losses in Life.

#. If Your Family is Suffering from Multiple Health Issues.

#. If there is an issue of Childlessness, Progeny, Females are not able to get PREGNANT or Bear a Child, Pregnancy Issues OR Multiple Miscarriages are there.

#. If a Young Girl or a Boy of Marriageable Age is not getting the RIGHT MATCH for MARRIAGE or Not Able to Get Married or There is a DELAY in MARRIAGE Or the they have crossed the Marriageable Age and still want to get married soon.  

#. If you are not getting SUCCESS in your Business, Job, Career, Studies, Profession etc.

#. If there are Severe Health Issues with MALE MEMBERS of your Family OR Any Member of the Family is having Chronic Diseases like Cancer, Liver or Kidney Problems, Heart Attacks, Brain Disorders, Nervous Breakdown or Nerve Problems, Paralysis, Temporary or Permanent Disablement etc.

#.  If any of the couple is not having MALE CHILD or there are more Female Children in the house. You need to get rid of Pitra Dosh to have a Male Child in the family.

#. If your Family Reputation or any members reputation is at stake OR People around are taking you as Bad & Anti-Social Element OR if you are facing trouble due to Bad PR.

#. If your family income is going down at a very drastic rate.

#. If there are any Sudden Deaths OR Death by Accidents OR Multiple Deaths of Male Members in the Family.

#. If there is Lack of Peace & Harmony in the House.

#. If there are Multiple Fights, Misunderstandings, Unnecessary Disputes in the Family, Every Members is Living his / her own life. 

#. Unnecessary DISPUTES & COURT CASES.

#. If you Expenses are going beyond your Earnings and Income.

#. If there are Sudden Cash Loss or Expenses, Property Disputes, Bad & Sour Relationships with your Relatives & your Near & Dear Ones.

If you or your family members are facing any of these issues in life, then you should immediately go for PITRA DOSH NIVARAN Remedy. These remedies and upaye will make your life easier and you will get rid of all these issues listed above.

Note: Remember, we do not have any branch or an affiliate. These are our patented vedic upayes and remedies, which only we provide in the industry. Please DO NOT GET DUPED of FAKE Pandits, Purohits, Babas, Gurus, Astrologers & Jyotishis. Only we know the proper vidhi of this upaye, have the right tools, ingredients and expertise to perform this remedy.  We have complaints that people in the industry are trying to COPY US and trying to replicate these upaye without any proper skill set and knowledge. This can only harm the public. So please beware of people who pretend to know the best related to these upaye and remedies. We are supplying our expertise and whole product line-up to only 12 brands in the industry and also providing our pitra dosh nivaran services & its related products to them. Apart from them, anybody who is stating to be anyhow related or affiliated to us OR states to be a branch or extension of tantraveda is fake and fraud. Just drop us a mail or ask us before you pay or get cheated & duped by any other seller in the industry. We do not have any branch or outlet anywhere else in the world.

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