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Anybody can use this tea. You and your family can use it for black magic and evil protection. Even children can use it on daily basis.

Recommended Dosage: 2 to 4 times a day  

Recommended Usage: Drink Once after you woke up at early morning or at bed tea & Drink Once Before you go to Bed / After the Sunset.

Side Effects: None

Types Of Usage: Black Tea, Milk Tea, Ice Tea, Cold Tea, Salt Tea

Other Benefits: This multi-herb infused Tea Improves Metabolism of the body, stable digestive system, improves blood flow and nervous system, activates movement of friendly bacteria in the body, energizes the body and flush out all the unnecessary Mucus from the body. Hence, keeping your body healthy and energetic the whole day.

Black magic can be done on a target victim through various ways, in which, the most sought after and largely used way is though drinks or food. Victim is infected with black magic by infusing certain black magic elements in the food or drinks through liquid or solid forms. Black Magic Liquids are also used on certain objects or can be spilled over a piece of land to do the magic.

To Eliminate the evil and bad effects of black magic and to give protection on daily basis, we have formulated a special BLACK MAGIC REMOVAL TEA, infused with more than 6 types of edible and organic black magic protection herbs. Then we have super charged it with black magic removal crystals and talismans. Then its dried in controlled environment, sun charged and then packed for final consumption. We are using and drinking it ourselves from years now. But due to scarcity of special herbs, we were confined to very limited quantities only. Now we have the right supplies of herbs to mass produce it and launch it globally.   

Black Magic Removal & Protection

This specially formulated tea provides a natural and organic way to get rid of black magic and evil eye effects and gives protection against these forces.

Black Magic Side Effects can be seen on your career, business, health, wealth, peace, prosperity, hence creating family problems, unnecessary tensions, chaos, mental phobias, adversely affecting children, females & elders in the family, chronic health issues, destroying mental peace, low intelligence, sadness, causing inner turmoil and unrest around, sudden abnormal behaviors and unnatural deaths in the family.

Note: This special tea is infused with rare herbs imported from various countries and sources. This black magic tea is a world class product with a top of the line best quality tea leaves mixed with special herbs. 

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